Public Safety


  • Increase police presence in  all neighborhoods
  • Increase lighting and safety measures on greenbelt
  • Enhance support for police response to homelessness, in keeping with the City's Homelessness Plan

Fiscal Responsibilty


  • Trim waste without reducing services
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Address ongoing pension obligations



  • Continue to introduce cutting-edge green policies
  • Create plans to protect our city from potential climate threats, like sea level rise
  • Increase stormwater capture and recycled water use
  • Ban polystyrene meat trays
  • Work with businesses to find alternative products



  • Support the ban on short-term rentals and add meaningful enforcement
  • Provide more services East of Sepulveda, such as increased library services
  • Manage traffic patterns near schools


Beach Town Character


  • Champion beloved, signature Manhattan Beach events and activities
  • Support our local resident-owned businesses 
  • Provide better and more responsive code enfrocement
  • Engage with the community as an accessible, responsive and transparent council member

Facilities and Infrastructure

Prudently manage construction of Engine House #2 to prevent cost overruns

  • Prudently manage construction costs on Engine House #2
  • Create and leverage  private/public opportunities for facility upgrades
  • Strengthen partnership with MBUSD regarding shared-use facilities
  • Proactively maintain critical infrastructure, such as sewer lines, to prevent costly disasters