Election Day is Just Over a Week Away!

Career Highlights:

  • Program Director, Author Events Business
  • Trial Attorney, US Dept. of Justice
  • Accountant, Arthur Andersen

Preserving neighborhoods, moving forward

Election Day is just over a week away!

I've knocked on doors, come into your houses, and listened to the residents of Manhattan Beach. I got into this race because I wanted to represent my values in a positive way, and I'm proud I've been able to do that.

We can effectively address homelessness without being heartless. We can keep our community safe without spreading fear. We can enforce codes without being invasive. We can respect our neighbors. We can show compassion. We can be better.


Hildy is For:

Green Initiatives to protect our environment:

Ban single-use plastics, improve water conservation, incentivize building practices, and reduce carbon emissions.

Effectively Addressing Homelessness

Support the Homelessness Task Force, access available funding and regional resources, and provide police with additional support including more mental health technician time.

Strong Code Enforcement

Respond 24/7 to complaints and violation reports, create easy complaint tools, and shorten response times.

Hildy is Against:

Wasteful Spending:

We should utilize local talent rather than expensive consultants.

Short-term rentals that impact our neighborhoods:

She supports the current ban. We must implement real enforcement, which could include a dedicated code enforcement officer, on-line compliance services, direct, easy-to-access reporting processes, and accessible enforcement 24/7.

Core Values



Small Town Character




Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi Endorses Hildy !

Campaign Events


Candidates Forum

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Shade Hotel

+ Event Details


Candidates Forum

Sponsored by the Downtown Business & Professional Association

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Shade Hotel


Meet and Greets

+ Event Details


Meet and Greets

It's not too late! Send us an email at hildy@hildystern.com to attend an upcoming Meet and Greet


Election Day!

8 am - 8 pm

+ Event Details


Election Day!

8 am - 8 pm

Community Endorsements

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, 

Amy Howorth, Councilmember and Former Mayor,

Bill Fournell, MBUSD Board Member

Jen Fenton, MBUSD Board Member

Mitch Ward, Former Mayor and  LA County Beaches and Harbor Commissioner

Alan and Karen Roseman

Alicia Solis

Allen Kirschenbaum

Andrea Custer

Angie and Brick Barrick

Ann Kelly

Anthony T. Salvaggio

Audry Ritterman-Estes

Barbara Randolph

Bill & Grettle Fournell

Bob and Jennee Julius

Bonnie and David Schwartz

Bret and Joanne Hadley

Brooke Sklar

Buzzy Cohen

Christine Itano-Cosner

Coleen Tajiri

Corey Sitron

Craig and Carrie Yasuda

Danielle Anderson

Danielle Hadley

David and Dolly Gamble

Deb and Neil Gunny

Debbie and Les Granow

Denise Loversky

Denise and Eric Berger

Diane Charvat

Diane Wallace

Dina Doll

Eban Stern

Elisha Levin

Ellen Kubo

Ellen & Richard Seiden

Elsa and Marc Gerard

Fran and Steve Schiff

Gary and April Wayland

Greg Davidson

Jackie Jung

Jan Rosenfeld

Jane Davis

Janet and Bob London

Jay Henneberry

Jean  Parks

Jen Dohner

Jen Hendrikson

Jennifer Salem

Jeremy Stern

Joan Lockney

John Randolph

Jone Osborn

Josh "Goose" Stern

Kamala and Gary Horwitz

Karen Mohan

Karni Syed

Kat Monk

Kathy and Warren Hagstrom Swanson

Kay Sheth

Kim Petri

Kim Sonnenblick

Laura Dotson

Laura markgraf

Linda Bair

Lisa Watanabe

Lisa and David Mittleman

Liz Glozman

Lora Cohn

Lori Furth

Louise DuMont

Madeline Sharples

Margaret Weissman

Margo Thole

Maria Z. Caponi

Marilyn GilletteMark

Mark de Sousa

Marty and Judy Garber

Marty and Judy Leveille

Mary Ralls

Mary and Errol Morigaki

MaryRose Jeffry

Max and Sheri Gitnick

Melissa and Jonathan Stein

Mervis Reissig

Michelle Lautanen

Michelle Morales

Michelle Reniche

Mike & Rae Dunitz

Mitch Ward

Mori Biener

Muge Geveci

Myles Spar

Nadine Jackson

Nellie Ambrose

Nina Tarnay

Paul Baboolol

Rabbi Joshua Kalev

Rabbi Mark Hyman

Regina Wang

Renee Whitcombe

Robert and Paula Benard

Roberta Manshel

Robin Siegelman

Robin and David Liggett

Ryan Hadley

Sally Alder

Seth Stern

Shannon Anderson

Sharon Alexander

Sharon Cohen

Shirley Ritter

Stephanie Hubbard

Steve and Heidi Snively

susan Goodlerner

Susan Matt

Suzan Hayes

Tamah Kushner

Tara Conner

Terry and Todd Gilman

Tina Hartney

Tish and Neal Pollack

Vivian Rahe

Wendy gilbert

Wysh Weinstein

Zvia Hempling